Madeleine Moser

Handling Events

Handling events with React elements is very similar to handling events on DOM elements.

Madeleine Moser
Handling Events

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Passing Arguments to Event Handlers

Inside a loop, it is common to want to pass an extra parameter to an event handler. For example, if id is the row ID, either of the following would work:

<button onClick={(e) => this.deleteRow(id, e)}>Delete Row</button>
<button onClick={this.deleteRow.bind(this, id)}>Delete Row</button>

The above two lines are equivalent, and use arrow functions and Function.prototype.bind respectively.

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In both cases, the e argument representing the React event will be passed as a second argument after the ID. With an arrow function, we have to pass it explicitly, but with bind any further arguments are automatically forwarded.

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