Completely headless.

An overview of the main features of the starter.

Organize languages

Manage your languages, colors, posts per pages and much more on DatoCMS.

URL Slugs Localization

Localize URLs with ease on DatoCMS and run the build. Everything’s already setup for you.

SEO Optimized

your SEO tags and enjoy incredible Lighthouse scores from any part of the globe.

Quick start

Install the starter with Gatsby CLI:

gatsby new headless-gatsby-multilang https://github.com/smastrom/headless-gatsby-multilang.git

  1. Log in to your DatoCMS account and clone the project.

  2. Paste your public API key to your gatsby-config.js file.

  3. Run gatsby develop.

Gatsby Logo

We provide premium nursery stock

along with technology-led garden consultancy and design services to both private and public sector organisations large and small.

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