Andre Johnson

Forwarding Refs

This is typically not necessary for most components in the application.

Andre Johnson
Forwarding Refs

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Displaying a custom name in DevTools

React.forwardRef accepts a render function. React DevTools uses this function to determine what to display for the ref forwarding component.

For example, the following component will appear as ”ForwardRef” in the DevTools:

const WrappedComponent = React.forwardRef((props, ref) => {
  return <LogProps {...props} forwardedRef={ref} />;

If you name the render function, DevTools will also include its name (e.g. ”ForwardRef(myFunction)”):

const WrappedComponent = React.forwardRef(
  function myFunction(props, ref) {
    return <LogProps {...props} forwardedRef={ref} />;

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